Paranormal Activity

It depends on your point of view whether ghosts are real or they are just a fragment of the subconscious mind. However, one cannot totally deny that they do not exist, keeping in mind stories of individuals who have found out about their future or have communicated with the spirit of their dead relatives with the help of a psychic practitioner. They are individuals who claim to have more power in communicating with ghosts and state that they have the capability to help you contact with the spirits of your deceased relatives. A quick search on Google about psychic readings online will provide you with hundreds of thousands of results, including clairvoyants (individuals claiming to have a supernatural ability to see events about to take place in the future through their extra sensory perception) who offer a one time free psychic reading.

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What is the paranormal?

In simple English, paranormal denotes phenomenon or events such as clairvoyance or telekinesis, which are over and above the scope of normal scientific understanding. It can be as simple as a dream in which one sees their departed relatives warning them of impending danger in the future. Many persons claim that they have seen such dreams and have had saved their life or property by following the warning conveyed to them by their deceased ancestors through such visions. Certain people claim that they have a sixth sense that allows them to look into the future, but scientists and rationalists rubbish such claims.

What are ghosts?

According to all religions, the souls of deceased persons go to either Heaven or Hell, based on the activities they have done during their lifetime. However, according to psychics, there are certain human beings whose soul remains suspended in the state between Heaven and Hell until they become free of the temporal effects of sin. Such souls are referred to as ghosts. There are thousands of stories of houses remaining abandoned, because ghosts occupy them.

What is paranormal activity?

As its name suggests, any activity that cannot be termed as normal, is called as paranormal. Certain examples include:

- Windowsills opening and closing when there is no trace of wind

- Sounds of wailing when there is nobody in sight

- Lights turning on and off without any explanation

- People sensing that someone is sitting close to them even though they cannot see anybody physically

Many people who have survived horrible deaths often recall instances that occurred in the miniscule period between life and death... instances that science cannot explain.

How do people communicate with spirits?

People commune with spirits with the help of clairvoyants and psychics who supposedly have the capability to communicate with spirits. They do so via several methods such as tarot cards or through planchette boards. the psychic undertaking the session acts as a mediator between the spirit and its living relatives. Before starting the session, the psychic requests the participants to meditate and charge up their energy by imagining of a beautiful white light surrounding their entire body. Why do you not contact persons endowed with supernatural power for psychic readings online session to find what the future holds for you?