Exploring the Paranormal

Paranormal Experts Know Quite A Bit About Ghosts And Their Stories

You would think with all the paranormal ghost stories surrounding Myrtle Beach that it would be ghosts that roamed the Boardwalk on Halloween and not zombies. We’re not talking real zombies of course because zombies aren’t real! However, that is what the city decides to put out there walking among the people who are on the Boardwalk enjoying Halloween. I think it’s cool and everything, but I would like to see ghosts. It may not seem as easy to pull off, but it would be cool.

When I first moved to this city, I remember looking up some of the ghost stories. There are ghosts that supposedly walk up and down the beach. There are all kinds of Grand Strand ghost stories, and there are even paranormal guides, tours and experts. The paranormal experts will investigate any paranormal concerns that you might have. I’ve never used one of these services before, but I’m looking at one of the websites. (more…)

Learning About The Paranormal And Ghosts

It is hard to say if there is any truth to stories about the paranormal or ghosts. Some people have felt like they have seen things and they are not sure what they are. Others have seen loved one who have died who have come back. Others feel a ghost in their home that doesn’t seem very happy. It is hard to know what is true and what isn’t.

The best thing to do is look into all of this yourself and come up with your own ideas of what is real and what isn’t. Start your search by talking to people who think they have been visited by something, not of this world. Write down what they have to say and make sure to make them feel like their story matters.

After you have talked to people about their own personal experiences or if you can’t find anyone to talk with you can start to read some books on the matter. People have written a lot of books about ghosts and the paranormal. You can read about stories as well as theories about what else they can be.

You can also find more information online on a website dedicated to this field. This will be your best place to go for more information. You can find people who work with the paranormal on a regular basis.

After you have looked at all of this information you need to decide if you believe it or not. Some people do and some people don’t. It depends on the information they have seen as well as what they can believe in. Some people can only believe in what they see and know personally and what is understood by science. Others can appreciate that there is something more out there than what we already know.

Tools Needed in a Paranormal Investigation

Do you think you home is haunted by ghosts? A paranormal investigator can help you get to the bottom of who or what is causing your haunting by using a variety of audio, visual and electromagnetic equipment. In addition to these electronic devices, paranormal investigators may use certain individuals, called psychics, to help communicate with the spirit world.

Specialized audio equipment is used to record EVPs, also known as electronic voice phenomena. The most common types of audio equipment used are the tape recorder and the digital audio recorder. These tools help document the investigation and record the bumps, taps, voices and other audible phenomena a ghost may used to respond to questions.

Cameras are also used when hunting ghosts. There are several cameras that paranormal investigators use to detect activity. The naked eye cannot see the full light spectrum. Infrared and ultraviolet are on opposite ends of the light spectrum and are often used to capture images that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Paranormal investigators use both types of cameras to capture images of disembodied spirits and ghosts. (more…)

Are You Interested In The Paranormal?

For a lot of people, it’s normal to wonder about life after death and what we may be facing in the afterlife. This is why the paranormal and all of the inner workings of ghost hunting has become so popular with the masses. Not only are people looking to find answers and reassurance from loved ones who they have lost, but there are many who are hoping to find a simple connection with the other side. For some, it is a matter of a feeling that they get when they talk to someone with a certain energy or they happen to walk into a building for the first time.

A paranormal investigator will play a crucial role in finding spirits. if you happen to believe that your home or a building that you frequent is haunted in some way or you have noticed mysterious activity, an investigator may be able to find out what or who is responsible for it. This investigation is generally something that is done with the use of cameras, electromagnetic equipment and a variety of audio technology.

A psychic medium is a person who has known extrasensory abilities that they were born with. (more…)

How Do Paranormal Investigators Find Ghosts?

Paranormal investigators use a number of different tools and tactics to capture evidence of ghosts. Here are just a few of the tools that they regularly turn to:

1. Thermal imaging camera. These cameras are designed to capture heat signatures rather than visual images. The image that you see on the screen is a reflection of the temperature of the surrounding environment. Warm areas are colored red, orange, or yellow while cool areas are colored green, blue, or purple. Oftentimes, when a ghost is near there will be changes in the surrounding temperature. This can show up on the thermal imaging camera as changes in color, flashes of light, or even the silhouette of a person when no one is really there.

2. EMF detector. One theory is that when ghosts are nearby, there are disruptions in the electromagnetic field. Using an electromagnetic field (EMF) detector can help monitor and track these changes.

3. Digital camera. Snapping photos with a digital camera can sometimes lead to compelling ghost evidence. This could range from orbs of light all the way up to full body apparitions. The only downside to using a digital camera to hunt ghosts is that oftentimes insects or dust can appear in the photos, making it difficult to discern whether the evidence is actually paranormal or whether it is one of these small particles captured on film.

There are quite a few other tools that paranormal investigators use to find ghosts. All of these tools are based on different theories about how ghosts interact with the environment. While there currently is no way to prove for sure that ghosts exist, as more and more new technology is developed, eventually there may be a way to capture solid proof. Until then, there will always be skeptics who don’t believe in the existence of ghosts.

Hello everyone!

Hey There! Name’s Blake – I’ve been an amateur ghost hunter for a few years, and I’ve always been fascinated by the world of the paranormal. There are so many realms that we as a people have yet to explore, and I hope to be involved in this curiosity that leads to revolutionary advancements in understanding our world, “reality,” and what lies beyond this realm.

I wanted to write about these fields for collecting my own thoughts, but at the same time I figured I could help those that are just starting out in understanding the paranormal. Stay tuned, and enjoy!