Do you think you home is haunted by ghosts? A paranormal investigator can help you get to the bottom of who or what is causing your haunting by using a variety of audio, visual and electromagnetic equipment. In addition to these electronic devices, paranormal investigators may use certain individuals, called psychics, to help communicate with the spirit world.

Specialized audio equipment is used to record EVPs, also known as electronic voice phenomena. The most common types of audio equipment used are the tape recorder and the digital audio recorder. These tools help document the investigation and record the bumps, taps, voices and other audible phenomena a ghost may used to respond to questions.

Cameras are also used when hunting ghosts. There are several cameras that paranormal investigators use to detect activity. The naked eye cannot see the full light spectrum. Infrared and ultraviolet are on opposite ends of the light spectrum and are often used to capture images that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Paranormal investigators use both types of cameras to capture images of disembodied spirits and ghosts.

Another tool used by paranormal investigators is EMF meters. EMF stands for electromagnet field. Electrical appliances, cell phones and power lines can create an electromagnetic field. In addition to these items, ghosts can manipulate these fields to interact with paranormal investigators. EMF tools measure these fields to help determine when there is a presence around.

Other items used during a paranormal investigation include thermometers, motion detectors and Geiger counters. When spirits manifest, the ambient temperature can change, making thermometers a useful tool in the paranormal investigator’s toolkit. Motion detectors are used to detect any movement while Geiger counters listen for vibrations within the area. The last thing paranormal investigators often rely on is psychics. Psychics have the ability to communicate with otherworldly spirits and ghosts.

As you can see, there are many tools that a paranormal investigator uses to help determine whether a location is truly haunted. Paranormal investigations are used to determine whether the disturbance is caused by a ghost or a natural phenomenon.