You would think with all the paranormal ghost stories surrounding Myrtle Beach that it would be ghosts that roamed the Boardwalk on Halloween and not zombies. We’re not talking real zombies of course because zombies aren’t real! However, that is what the city decides to put out there walking among the people who are on the Boardwalk enjoying Halloween. I think it’s cool and everything, but I would like to see ghosts. It may not seem as easy to pull off, but it would be cool.

When I first moved to this city, I remember looking up some of the ghost stories. There are ghosts that supposedly walk up and down the beach. There are all kinds of Grand Strand ghost stories, and there are even paranormal guides, tours and experts. The paranormal experts will investigate any paranormal concerns that you might have. I’ve never used one of these services before, but I’m looking at one of the websites.

There are different kinds of paranormal activities as you might have guessed. The paranormal experts are trained to talk to you and figure out what is going on with the ghosts around you. In other words, they are going to ask questions, and then based on your answers and what they discover, they will find out what type of paranormal activity is going down. That is something you would definitely want to know.

If you are dealing with ghosts, you definitely don’t want to be dealing with disruption. If you’re interested in paranormal activities, there should be stories from your area, too. There might even be paranormal tours to take and investigators to talk to. Can you imagine the stories they would have to tell? I’m not so sure I want to hear them.