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Do you think you have a ghost? Do you hear, see or experience things that you can't explain? If so, we at Tortured Souls Investigations can help you. If you need our help just e-mail us with your concerns and one of our staff will promptly get back to you. We do ask for only serious inquiries. We take the paranormal very seriously and it is not a joke.

We at Tortured Souls Investigations are as professional as possible when dealing with your problem. If the location is question is worried about the public finding out, we will sign a confidentiality agreement with that location. We take the paranormal very serious at TSI and will be discreet and easy to work with. We do not charge for our service, however we do ask help with gas or room and board if the said location is far from Missoula. TSI, unlike other groups tries to find rational explanations for why the person in need is having the experiences that they are. More times than none there are other variables causing the experiences and are not necessarily paranormal.

We will keep all information confidential if the location requests us to do so. We will analize all the evidence that we have collected at your site and get back to you within a week. If we can't help you, we will find somebody who will be able to.


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