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It has been a fascinating experience to have been able to see TSI conducting paranormal investigations at the Old Prison in Deerlodge, Montana. They are passionate about their quest for searching for life beyond what we know and their enthusiasm is contagious. They are the "Ghost Hunters" of Montana.

~Kelly Nianouris

TSI has a very professional approach to Ghost Hunting Investigations. Although I am not able to participate in any ghost hunting activities at this time, they have provided an outlet and a place of comfort to go to when people around me might question my sanity for believing in the existence of ghosts. Recounting a personal experience to nonbelievers, is difficult, and risky.

I am glad to have found a refuge in their forum.

TSI Forum Member

Hello fellow ghost hunters,I have participated in several "ghost hunts" with TSI at the Old Prison in Deer Lodge and have been impressed by the professional way they lead the hunt. Kris and Erik have been helpful in answering any questions I may have had. One of the hunts I caught a photo of what appeared to be a man looking out of a second story window which I sent to them to see if it indeed was a ghost. They followed up and discovered it to be shadows from some building materials in the room. I was impressed that instead of placing my photo on their site as authentic, they checked it out first and debunked it. I have had other photos both from the prison and other Montana sites of ectoplasmic mist and moving orbs (day time) which appear to be paranormal. I look forward to participating in future investigations with the TSI group. I feel that TSI would be a great benefit to the TAPS family and would like to have them come here to Montana and see what we have to offer in spirit activity. That would be an adventure that I would like to join in.

Janice Greenland

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